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  • Uffie & SebastiAn - Difficult (Kissy Klub Version)

    28th Jul 2010

    hey peeps!

    it's been too long i know!!!

    i've had terrible problems with my internet connection recently and have even had to resort to sending my mixes for radio 1 to the bbc studios via my iphone!?!

    but fear not! here's that Uffie bootleg I've been rinsing out lately!

    also NEXT WEEK marks the release of my joint San City High EP featuring remixes of my track "JOANNA" and Lazy Flow's track "TOKYO EXPRESS". So look out for it!!

    Festival season has been the best ever for me so far and I am nothing but eternally grateful to all you peeps who have joined me for a rave over the summer so far!!!! I've been desperate to get my hands on some footage from the gigs to put online and I've managed to cobble together a video of highlights from my DJ set at T In The Park, Scotland a few weeks ago to go up on the San City High website so look out for it! winking

    THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!! ...and if you weren't at any of the recent gigs then check out my other tour dates and come say hello innit!

    Lots of love,

    Kissy x x x